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A quality home inspection will provide you with the information to make an educated, confident decision on your purchase of a property.

There are basically two costs involved with purchasing a house:

  • The home price and closing costs,
  • and the cost to repair/replace defects.

A quality home inspection will provide needed information enabling you to plan appropriately.

My inspections stringently follow the New York State Standards and Code of Ethics for Home Inspections, Subpart 197-4. This standard describes how I am to perform during an inspection, what I am to inspect as well as describe what I am not to inspect, and discusses the fundamental rules of inspections along with the purpose and scope. I will be happy to provide you a hard copy or you can view it now.

At this point in time I belong to the New York State Association of Home Inspectors:

My background is the following:

  • New York State Licensed Home Inspector
  • New York School of Home Inspection and Construction Educated and Trained.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and over 30 years of industry experience
  • 30+ years of home ownership and maintenance
  • General Liability Insured

I am required to perform 12 hours a year of continuing education in order to maintain my license. My plans at this point are to do a minimum of 20 hours per year. I will be taking on line courses, regular class room courses and attending conferences as required to fulfill my commitment. Additionally, I have been volunteering at sites that have exposed me to a variety of old and new construction systems.

At this point in time I am concentrating my efforts on residential inspections. The Inspection will cover the major systems of a home:

  • Exterior
  • Structural
  • Roof
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Interior
  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Plumbing

New York State does not allow me to perform repairs or improvements on homes that I inspect. It is considered a conflict of interest and I could have my license taken away from me. So the answer is; No, I will not offer to do repairs or improvements. My concentration will be entirely on home inspection.

I provide a written report with annotated photographs to enhance the discussion as needed. In that report I will describe what I observed (good as well as bad), what the implication may be should it be a bad observation, and what I would recommend to remediate the situation. I also provide a copy of my checklist  and of course a copy of our signed inspection agreement.

Absolutely and in fact I prefer that you do attend. I can explain real time what I am seeing; more importantly, I can answer any questions you may have. And with the questions you may have, I would have a better understanding of what you may be seeing.

My costs are tabulated below:

Size Price
Under 1800 sq. ft. $300
1801 to 2000 sq. ft. $320
2001 to 2200 sq. ft. $340
2201 to 2400 sq. ft. $360
2400 to 2600 sq. ft. $380
2601 to 2800 sq. ft. $400
2801 to 3000 sq. ft. $420
3001 to 3200 sq. ft. $440
3201 to 3400 sq. ft. $460
3401 to 3600 sq. ft. $480
3601 to 3800 sq. ft. $500
3801 to 4000 sq. ft. $520
Greater than 4000 sq. ft. quoted

*To show my gratitude for our women and men of the US services, all service members, veterans and first responders receive $40.00 off their total bill.

The radon test uses a short term radon test kit that remains in the home for two to several days. This short term kit is 2 containers of granular activated charcoal. The charcoal absorbs the radon gas from the surrounding air. Both containers will be placed in a single, lowest level, livable room (ie. recreational room, bed room or finished basement area) for the measurement. At the end of the test period, I will pick up the containers, seal them and mail both to a certified laboratory for analysis. The official results from the laboratory will be emailed directly to you within 2-3 business days.