I provide a written report with photographs to enhance the discussion as needed. In that report I will describe what I observed (good as well as bad), what the implication may be should it be a bad observation, and what I would recommend to remediate the situation. I also provide a copy of my checklist and notes as I inspected the home; and of course a copy of our signed inspection agreement will be provided.

Home Inspection Report:

I supply all of my clients with an objective narrative report. The report itself educates as well as informs the homeowner. Homes require maintenance and care, and in many cases simple maintenance or at least knowing what to do or who to contact will keep a home operating smoothly. My reports provide the client with that basic information that can be referred to anytime.

Download an example of a Home Inspection Report

Home Inspection Checklist:

I have developed a fairly detailed checklist from; standard home inspection lists, home inspection training and education, and from personal experience. The checklists also educates my client; as we review the list together during an inspection, go over the good things as well as any concerns, and as the client refers to it at any later time.

Download an example of a Home Inspection Checklist